Laser Hair Removal for all Skin Types.

The safest, most comfortable, effective, and technilogically advanced means to assure you or your adolescent will never be embarrassed by hair again.

Founded and trained by the Pioneers of commercially applied laser hair removal and aesthetic laser treatments, we know how to remove your unwanted hair. Unlike most medspas or sideline businesses in medical practices offering Laser Hair Removal, Avanti Skin Center has the experience and technology to remove hair from virtually all ethnic groups. Laser hair removal at Avanti is not limited to only one laser or wavelength of light to remove your unwanted hair. Whether you are very fair or African American, our laser and innovative intense pulsed light technologies from industry leader Cutera® can be individually selected and customized to your specific hair and skin type to provide a level of service others may promise, but only Avanti can deliver. Other systems without this flexibility cannot as effectively customize their laser hair removal treatments to your specific skin type without increasing your discomfort level or limiting their effectiveness. We are the experts who can deliver where others may have failed.

At Avanti Skin Center, laser hair removal is a safe and simple procedure. First your shaved skin is gently cleaned. Your skin is assessed and tested by our professional personnel prior to actual treatment to ensure maximum results. Then, an individually programmable laser or intense pulsed light handset is run over the area. The light energy passes through the skin to the pigment in the hair follicle where it is absorbed. Within two to three weeks those hairs which were in the active growth phase during treatment and absorbed the light energy are permanently eliminated and fall out. At the follow-up treatments which are timed to coincide with the next active growth phase, the remaining hair follicles are disabled leaving you with silky smooth skin.TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES: CoolGlide™ Laser Hair Removal

The CoolGlide™ system was the first 1064 nm Nd:YAG system approved for use on all skin types (including African-American) and tanned skin, allowing treatment of a wider patient base than other systems. The proprietary PowerFlex™ Technology allows independent control of pulse width (duration of the laser impulse) and fluence (power level) thus permitting effective treatment on a range of hair thicknesses, including the often difficult-to-treat finer hairs that are left by other systems after a number of treatments.

ProWave 770™ Hair Removalhair removal
Cutera again leads the field with the first programmable wavelength light source for hair removal. This unique device allows the professionals at Avanti Skin Center to select the optimal settings for your hair and skin type. A basic principle of light and laser treatments is the longer the wavelength, the greater depth of penetration into the skin you will obtain at a given power level. Because the ProWave 770™ delivers a range of wavelengths (all of which are absorbed by the hair pigmen), hair follicles at different depths in the dermis can be effectively targeted using lower energy settings than previously required. Combining this with the most advanced contact cooling technology available protects the skin from the heat generated when the hair absorbs the light energy, and allows the Avanti professionals to offer the safest, most comfortable, and effective means to remove unwanted hair.



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