Smooth-Away Blemishes.

The sun, our environment and genetics—as we age, these forces of nature take their toll on our skin's appearance. Using Pulsed Light Therapy, we can treat skin damage non-invasively. Photorejuvenation is recognized as an exceptional long-lasting solution. Significant results can be expected after just two or three treatments, but five treatments are recommended for optimal results.

A variety of skin conditions are treated using pulsed 
light therapy including:
- skin tone and texture
- sun damage and photoaging
- sun-induced freckles
- pigmented brown spots
- appearance of Rosacea
- appearance of enlarged pores
- vascular redness
- collagen structure

3 dimensional skin rejuvenation

It took years for your skin to look older. Avanti Skin Center can make it look younger in weeks with no downtime!

3D Rejuvenation improves tone, texture and taughtness.

Over time, alterations in the color and texture of the skin inevitably occur, due to cumulative sun exposure (hence the term ‘photo aging’). In addition, the collagen in the skin that keeps it taut begins to weaken, and with the pull of gravity the skin becomes lax. The result is wrinkled, sagging, uneven, and blotched skin. The unique and exclusive Cutera® 3D treatment concept adopted by Avanti Skin Center addresses each of these three types of changes. For the first time, full thickness rejuvenation of the skin can literally turn back the clock, restoring a more youthful and vibrant appearance to your skin.

Combining Procedures for Added Dimension 
Each of these three modalities can be used in combination with the others—on different occasions or during the same visit—to create a synergistic effect where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. For instance, improving both texture and tone, or both tautness and texture, produces an overall effect that almost belies the non-ablative nature of the procedures. In fact, at Avanti Skin Center we often follow Laser Genesis™ with Limelight™ Intense Pulse Light (IPL) during the same visit: patients enjoy the rapid, tangible improvement they see in color, in addition to the more gradual effects of collagen rebuilding. The additive effect may also be attributed to a combined response within the dermis if there is sequential targeting within one treatment session: for instance, the gradual bulk heating of the skin that occurs with a Titan treatment can be “topped off’ with Laser Genesis™, such that each is optimized. Lastly, by combining multiple procedures within one visit, you can maximize results for the treatment series with a reduced number of visits. All this with a level of safety and comfort that many promise, but which Avanti Skin Center delivers.



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